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bc I have no rename token for fluids, i'm moving to fluides. i need a restart, i hate being myself right now. i'll add you if you comment on my f-o post, if you wnat to get 'rid' off me, it's your chance now.
It's gotta be just right

these are just the people I haven't added back or cut ages ago;

1_2fuck_you, autofade, clique_twirl, cocopancakes, hayleysgoodbye, jennyo88, jonstewartisgod, jude108, justmilky, kay_94, kira_akaya, kuboid, lenz_obsessed, let_me_laugh, lilotahsex, maniparu, maxanthippe, maxthieriotluvr, mischaful, motokoayoama, nightcomes, oh_browniz, pipeta, poshpixel, primdevi, reina_jpn, restless_within, sea_shellss, tevsi, thatgilmorex4x, totallywicked00, toxiclovers_xo, ulmodao, valliegurl, waldfeechen, whatevervogue, winglessenvy, withallmylovee, x_coffee, xhsmlove_smilex, yellowrun, yrpreciousheart

please remove me, thanks.