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  • 00:03 friends can be...ugh. #
  • 13:46 shopping always makes me happy. :] #
  • 15:20 needs sleep! #
  • 15:45 going off to play stupid old computer games :D #
  • 18:35 @onlyalot happy birthday :D lass die sau raus :D #
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    friends only selective adding; ~previously chrischdi want to know more bout me? go here

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    04:07 i just lost my sweater, but I have another id and a leather jacket. lol yeah, I'm drunk. # 04:09 oh and I havent been that drunk for a…

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    02:29 @ evelinak hooray ;) # 06:20 Online Pharmacy with Viagra, Cialis Xanax, Percocets, Oxycontin and more! no prescription required!…

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